What are the main security features in Windows 11?

1. Advanced Antivirus Protection: Windows 11 comes with an advanced built-in antivirus that helps protect against malicious software, phishing attacks and other online threats. It provides real-time protection for your files and data, as well as automatic scans of your system.

2. Device Guard: Device Guard is a feature that uses hardware-enforced isolation and code integrity features to help protect against malware and malicious scripts. It requires no additional configuration or maintenance.

3. Application Whitelisting: Application whitelisting is a feature that allows only authorized applications to run on the system. This helps protect the system from malicious code and exploits.

4. Windows Firewall: Windows Firewall helps protect your system from unauthorized access. It can be customized to allow or deny specific traffic.

5. User Account Control (UAC): UAC is a security feature that requires administrator approval before certain changes can be made to the system. It helps prevent unauthorized system modifications.

6. Secure Boot: Secure Boot is a feature that helps protect the system from malware and malicious code during the boot process.

7. System File Protection: System File Protection helps protect the system’s core files from malicious code and tampering.

8. Windows Hello: Windows Hello is a biometric authentication feature that helps protect your system from unauthorized users.