What are the power options available in Control Panel?

The Power Options available in Control Panel allow users to customize their power settings on their computers. Depending on the version of Windows, there are a variety of options available.

1. Balanced: This is the default power plan, and it balances performance with power consumption. It adjusts the computer’s performance and system settings according to the user’s preferences.

2. Power saver: This power plan reduces power consumption by limiting background activities and adjusting the display brightness and sleep settings.

3. High performance: This power plan maximizes the computer’s performance but also increases power consumption.

4. Automatic (recommended): This power plan allows the computer to adjust its settings automatically based on activity.

5. Home/office desk: This power plan is designed for use at home or in a typical office environment. It reduces power consumption and allows for more efficient energy usage.

6. Airplane mode: This power plan disables all wireless devices except those essential for airplane mode, such as Wi-Fi.

7. Ultimate performance: This power plan is designed for extreme performance and increased power consumption.

8. Portable/Laptop: This power plan is designed for use on laptops, tablets, and other portable devices. It maximizes battery life by reducing the computer’s performance.

9. Battery saver: This power plan is designed to reduce battery consumption by limiting background activities, dimming the display, and putting the computer to sleep sooner.

10. Custom: This power plan allows users to customize their own settings, such as the display brightness, system performance, sleep settings, and more.

These are the core power options available in Control Panel. Depending on the computer’s hardware and software, additional settings may be available. Some power plans may only be available in certain versions of Windows, while others may be specific to certain hardware. As always, users should research and test the different power options to determine the best settings for their needs.