What are the steps to modify user accounts in the control panel settings?

1. Log in to your Control Panel Account: The first step is to log into your server’s control panel with the username and password you created during the installation process.

2. Select ‘Users’: Once logged in, select the ‘Users’ option from the list of options presented in the control panel. This will bring up a list of existing user accounts on the server.

3. Select an Existing User: From the list of users, select the account you wish to change and click on it. This will open the user’s account settings page.

4. Modify the Existing User: On the user’s account settings page, you can modify the user’s username, password, and other related information. You can also select the user’s permissions, such as how much access they have to certain files or directories, what type of access they have to email, and more.

5. Save the Changes: Once you’ve adjusted the user’s settings to the way you want them, you can then save the changes. This will apply the updated settings to the user’s account.

6. Log Out: Once you’ve finished adjusting the user’s settings, log out of the control panel. This will ensure that the changes you made to the user’s account are secure and won’t be changed by anyone else.