What can I do to improve my computer’s memory and storage capacity?

1. Clean up your hard drive: Check your hard drive for files, folders and programs that aren’t used anymore and delete or archive them to free up space.

2. Install Solid State Drives (SSDs): An SSD is an alternative storage device to a traditional hard drive. They are faster and use less power, but they also provide much more storage capacity.

3. Upgrade your RAM: Additional RAM can improve the performance of your computer, especially when it comes to multitasking, loading applications, and running certain software.

4. Install a Memory Card Reader: Memory card readers allow you to quickly read and transfer data and files from small memory cards. This can be especially useful for transferring large files.

5. Use compression software: Compression software can help reduce your file sizes and help you save space on your hard drive.

6. Use cloud storage: Cloud storage is an excellent way to store large amounts of data and files without taking up physical space.