What can I do to improve my computer’s RAM usage?

1. Close Unused Programs and Applications: Unnecessary programs and applications can take up a lot of RAM. Close any programs or applications that you are not currently using.

2. Disable Startup Programs: Many programs will automatically start when your computer boots up. To reduce the amount of RAM used, disable any unnecessary startup programs.

3. Adjust Your Virtual Memory Settings: Virtual memory allows your computer to use a portion of your hard drive as an extension of your RAM. If your virtual memory settings are too low, your computer may be using more RAM than necessary.

4. Upgrade Your RAM: If your computer is consistently running out of RAM, you may need to upgrade your RAM.

5. Delete Temporary Files: Temporary files can take up a large amount of RAM. Deleting any unnecessary temporary files can help improve your RAM usage.

6. Reinstall Operating System: If your computer is still running low on RAM, consider reinstalling your operating system. This will delete all of your programs and applications, so make sure you have backups of important files before you proceed.