What can I do to keep my computer’s memory at optimal level?

1. Close Unecessary Programs: Close any unnecessary programs or applications that you do not need running in the background. These can take up valuable memory and slow down your computer.

2. Keep Your OS Updated: Keeping your Operating System up-to-date is a good way to ensure your computer runs at its best. Installing updates can help improve your overall performance and reduce memory usage.

3. Uninstall Unused Apps: Uninstalling any programs or applications that are not in use will help keep memory at an optimal level.

4. Delete Temporary Files : Deleting any temporary files from your computer can help free up memory.

5. Disable Startup Items : Disabling any unnecessary startup items can help reduce memory usage.

6. Check RAM Usage : Checking how much RAM your computer is using at any given time can help you identify any programs or processes that may be taking up too much memory.

7. Use Memory Cleaners : There are a variety of memory cleaner programs available that can help free up memory.