What can I do to maximize the lifespan of my PC?

1. Clean your PC regularly. Dust, pet hair and other small particles can build up inside your PC, leading to overheating and CPU performance issues. Regularly clean the inside of your PC using compressed air, paying special attention to the fans, heatsinks and vents.

2. Optimize your startup programs. If your PC takes a long time to boot up, it’s likely that too many programs are running at startup. Disable unnecessary programs from loading automatically to optimize your startup speed.

3. Keep your software up to date. Install security updates and patches as soon as they are available. Failing to do so could leave your computer open to malicious software and other security threats.

4. Perform regular maintenance checks. Run disk scans and defragment your hard drive every couple of months to ensure your computer’s files are properly organized. This will help your PC to run more efficiently.

5. Get a good surge protector or UPS. Invest in a quality surge protector or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect your PC in case of a sudden power outage.

6. Manage your power settings. Configure your power settings to balance performance and energy efficiency. This will help reduce system wear and tear and extend the life of your PC.

7. Add additional cooling components. Installing a quality aftermarket cooler or fan will help keep your CPU from overheating, thus extending its lifespan.