What can I do to reduce memory usage on my PC?

1. Close Unnecessary Programs and Processes: Check what processes and programs are running in the background, and close any that you don’t need.

2. Disable Startup Programs: You can disable startup programs to prevent them from using up memory during startup.

3. Adjust Visual Effects: Adjusting your visual effects can help reduce unnecessary memory usage.

4. Disable Unused Devices: Disabling unused devices helps free up memory for more useful things.

5. Increase Virtual Memory: Increasing virtual memory allows more space for your computer to run programs more efficiently.

6. Update Drivers: Updating your drivers regularly can help reduce memory usage.

7. Run a Memory Cleaner: A memory cleaner can help free up memory by deleting junk files and data.

8. Add More RAM: Adding more RAM to your PC is an easy way to reduce memory usage and improve performance.