What can I do to reduce the amount of bloatware on my system?

1. Uninstall any bloatware that you do not need from your system. Some bloatware may come pre-installed with the operating system, or a manufacturer may have added it when you purchased the machine. To remove these unwanted programs, search for “Uninstall” in the Start menu.

2. If you can, disable any unnecessary services in the Task Manager or Services app on Windows, or System Preferences > Users & Groups in macOS. Disabling unnecessary services can help free up system resources and improve performance.

3. Check your web browser for add-ons. Many web browsers now come with a wide variety of third-party extensions and add-ons that can slow down your computer and increase the amount of bloatware.

4. Use software that helps identify and remove bloatware. Tools such as PC Decrapifier and XPlite can help identify and remove unnecessary software from your machine.

5. Try using an anti-malware program. These programs can help detect and remove any bloatware that may be installed on your machine.