What changes can I make to free up disk space?

1. Uninstall programs and apps you no longer use.

2. Delete large files or files that you don’t need, such as old downloads and music or video files.
3. Empty the Recycle Bin when you delete files.
4. Move old files you don’t need to an external hard drive or cloud storage provider.
5. Defragment your hard drive to reorganize fragmented data on your hard drive and free up space.
6. Disable hibernation if you’re not using it.
7. Disable system restore to remove all of the restore points saved on your computer.
8. Use disk cleanup tools to remove temporary files, unwanted system files, and other items taking up space.
9. Compress large files and folders to save disk space.
10. Make sure Windows is up to date to avoid security vulnerabilities which could cause your files to be compromised.