What factors should I consider when choosing which cryptocurrency to invest in?

1. Market capitalization: Investing in a cryptocurrency with a large market cap indicates that it is well established and therefore less risky than investing in a new or emerging one.

2. Development Team: Research the team behind the project and evaluate their experience in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry.

3. Use Cases: Look into how the technology is being used, if it has practical applications, and if it solves any existing problems within the industry.

4. Regulation: Due to recent government crackdowns, make sure that the currency you are looking at is compliant with all regulatory laws.

5. Network Activity: Make sure there is plenty of activity on the blockchain network, including high levels of transactions, as this could indicate a healthy ecosystem.

6. Security: Check out the security measures adopted by the project such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and other protocols.

7. Valuation: Study the value of the cryptocurrency, its price history, trading volume and liquidity.

8. Track Record: Look for coins that have a long track record and analyze the success rate of their past projects.