What features does Windows 11 include?

1) Start Menu: Windows 11 will feature a redesigned Start Menu with an improved layout for simpler navigation.

2) Cortana: With more personalization options, you can now have Cortana at your service to help you accomplish tasks faster.

3) Virtual Desktop Manager: Windows 11 will have a Virtual Desktop Manager to keep your desktop workspace organized for easier management.

4) Edge Browser: The latest version of the Edge browser will be included in Windows 11 offering improved security and privacy features.

5) Windows Update: The Windows Update feature will be improved with better control over updates and more flexibility over when they are installed.

6) Direct X 12: Direct X 12 will be fully integrated into Windows 11 with improved performance and graphic capabilities.

7) Cloud Features: Microsoft is introducing several cloud features like OneDrive and Office 365 integration, so you can access your files and documents from any device.

8) Security and Privacy: Windows 11 will come with improved security and privacy controls to help protect your PC from malicious attacks.

9) Improved Gaming Experience: Windows 11 will offer an optimized gaming experience with better support for gaming hardware and enhanced graphics.

10) Universal Applications: Universal Apps will be fully supported in Windows 11, allowing you to run the same application on all Windows devices.