What features make cryptocurrency unique?

1. Decentralization: Cryptocurrency does not rely on a central authority and is instead managed by a distributed ledger that is operated by a worldwide network of computers, which makes it resistant to censorship, counterfeiting, and manipulation by any single authority.

2. Transfers of Value: Cryptocurrency provides an efficient way to securely transfer value over the internet, allowing for international transactions with no need for a third party such as a bank.

3. Security: Cryptocurrency transactions are secured through the use of cryptography and public-key encryption, making it difficult to double-spend, hack, or counterfeit.

4. Limited Supply: Cryptocurrencies usually have a limited supply, which helps to maintain their value over time. This is in contrast to fiat currencies that are prone to inflation.

5. No Chargebacks: Once a transaction is processed, it is irreversible, which protects both buyers and sellers from chargebacks and fraud.