What hardware components affect the speed of a PC?

1. Processor: The processor is the brain of the computer and is the main factor in determining how fast your computer runs. A faster processor means faster performance, while a slower processor will make things take longer to process.

2. Memory (RAM): The amount of RAM affects the speed of a computer, as it determines how much data can be stored in the system’s memory at any one time. The more RAM a system has, the more tasks it can handle at once without having to wait for information to load from the hard drive.

3. Hard Drive: The speed of a hard drive will affect how quickly files can be accessed. If a computer is using an older hard drive with slower read/write speeds, it will take longer for data to be accessed than if it were using a newer, faster hard drive.

4. Graphics Card: If you are using a computer for gaming or other graphics-intensive activities, then you will need to have a good graphics card to ensure smooth and fast performance. The better the graphics card, the faster the performance will be.

5. Power Supply: The power supply is responsible for powering the components inside the computer. If the power supply is inadequate or not powerful enough, then components won’t be running at their maximum potential, and the computer may suffer from slow performance.