What hardware upgrades are necessary to speed up PC performance?

1. Upgrade the RAM – Adding more RAM to your computer can improve its performance, allowing it to run more programs and open larger files faster.

2. Upgrade the Processor – Replacing your processor with a more powerful one can make a significant difference to your PC’s speed, since it will be able to process instructions more quickly.

3. Upgrade the Hard Drive – Installing a Solid State Drive (SSD) or replacing an older spinning hard drive with a newer, faster model can significantly improve the read/write speed, giving you better overall performance.

4. Upgrade the Graphics Card – If you’re into gaming or working with graphics-intensive software, upgrading your graphics card can make a huge difference in performance.

5. Upgrade the Network – If you’re getting slow internet speeds despite having high-speed service, your old router or modem may be at fault. Replacing them with newer models that support the latest speeds and technologies can give you a boost in connection and download speeds.