What hardware upgrades might improve my computer’s speed?

1. Upgrade to a solid-state drive (SSD): SSDs are much faster than traditional hard disk drives, providing quicker boot times and faster access to data.

2. Add more RAM: Increasing your system’s RAM can help increase speed when multitasking or opening complex applications.
3. Replace your CPU: A newer, more powerful processor will help your system run faster, depending on the tasks you ask of it.
4. Overclock your CPU: Overclocking is a process of running your CPU at speeds faster than it was designed for. This can be done if you have a quality cooling system in place to avoid overheating.
5. Install a GPU: Adding an additional graphics card to your system will improve performance of graphics-intensive tasks.
6. Update your BIOS: BIOS updates can improve system speed by correcting compatibility and stability issues.
7. Clean up your files: Unnecessary applications, caches and other files can fill up your system’s hard drive and slow down operations.