What is the best way to clean and optimize the system to speed up my PC?

1. Remove unwanted programs: Uninstall or delete any programs that you no longer need as they can be a drain on system resources.

2. Clean up disk space: Run a disk cleanup utility to remove temporary files, browser history, and other junk that may be slowing down your PC.

3. Update drivers: Make sure all of your device drivers are up to date. Outdated drivers can cause compatibility issues and slow down your system.

4. Defragment hard drive: Use a disk defragmenter to organize the files on your hard drive, which can improve system performance.

5. Limit startup programs: Change the settings in your startup list so only essential programs load when you boot up your computer.

6. Change power options: Change your power settings to run your computer more efficiently and increase its speed.

7. Clean fans and vents: Clean out the fans and vents of your computer to keep it cool and running smoothly.

8. Scan for malware: Regularly scan your system for malware and viruses that can slow down or damage your system.