What is the best way to find out what version of Windows 10 I have?

The best way to find out what version of Windows 10 you have is to use the Windows System Information tool. This built-in tool allows you to view important information about your computer’s system, including its operating system version. To access this tool, open the Start menu and type “System Information” into the search bar. The first result should be System Information, click on that to open it.

Once the System Information window is open, there will be several categories on the left side of the window. Click on “System Summary” to view the Version field which will tell you the version installed on your computer. Note that the version displayed may not be the latest version available, so if you’d like to update to the latest version, you’ll have to follow additional steps.

You can also check your Windows 10 version by going to the Settings app. To do this, press the Windows key + i to open the Settings app, or access it directly through the Start menu. Once the Settings app is open, click on “System” and then select “About” from the left-hand side. This will give you more detailed information about your computer, including the exact version of Windows 10 that is installed.

If you’re using a laptop or desktop with UEFI, you can also check your Windows 10 version from within the UEFI interface. To get to this interface, restart your computer and press the appropriate key (such as F2, F12, ESC, or DEL) to open the UEFI setup main menu. There, look for an entry labelled “System Version” or “Windows Version” and check the number to determine your installed version.

Lastly, if you’re connected to the internet, you can also check the Windows 10 version by visiting the Microsoft website and entering your product key. Visit the Microsoft website and enter your product key to get information on your installed version. You’ll also receive a link to download the latest version if one is available.

As you can see, there are several ways to check your Windows 10 version. Use the methods described above to quickly and easily find out which version of Windows 10 you’re running.