What is the best way to keep my PC running optimally?

1. Keep your operating system and programs updated: Make sure you have the latest system updates installed for your operating system and applications.

2. Run regular scans with antivirus software: Scan your computer regularly with a reputable antivirus program to detect and remove any malicious software that may be slowing down your PC performance or even worse, stealing your personal data.
3. Use disk cleanup and defragmenting programs: Use disk cleanup and defragmenting programs to remove unnecessary files and reorganize fragmented data on your hard drive.
4. Delete browser caches: Regularly deleting your browser’s cache and temporary files can help improve the speed of your Internet connection.
5. Cool down your hardware: Make sure your PC is well ventilated, that it doesn’t have dust blocking ventilation ports, and that all of your fans are working properly.
6. Clean up your startup menu: Delete unnecessary programs from your startup menu so that only the essential programs load upon booting your PC.
7. Adjust your power settings: Adjust your power settings to keep your PC running at full strength when needed, but also conserve battery life when you don’t need maximum power.
8. Invest in additional RAM: If you find that your PC is still running slow, consider investing in more RAM to increase its processing speed.