What is the best way to protect my computer from viruses?

1. Install an anti-virus software: The first and most important step to protecting your computer from viruses is to install a reputable anti-virus program. Most anti-virus programs include automatic updates, which will help your computer stay protected against the latest threats.

2. Keep your operating system and other software up to date: Keeping your operating system and other software up to date is another key step in preventing viruses. Outdated software is a common target for hackers and viruses.

3. Don’t download unfamiliar programs or files: Be extra careful when downloading applications or files from untrusted sources. Some malicious programs may be disguised as legitimate ones.

4. Use a firewall: A firewall is a software program that monitors your internet activity and blocks unauthorized access to or from your computer. This can help protect you from malicious files or hackers trying to gain access to your system.

5. Don’t open suspicious emails: Opening suspicious emails, especially those with an attachment, can lead to a virus infecting your computer. Be sure to delete any email from an unknown sender immediately.