What maintenance tasks should I do regularly to keep my PC running quickly?

1. Regularly check for and install software updates: Keeping your software updated helps to protect your system from security threats and can improve the performance of your computer.

2. Clean up your hard drive: Removing unneeded files, programs, and temporary data can free up disk space and help improve system performance.

3. Uninstall unused programs: Keeping your programs lean and up-to-date helps provide more resources for other tasks.

4. Perform disk defragmentation: This process reorganizes your disk and helps reduce the amount of time it takes your computer to access and read data.

5. Run regular malware scans: Malware can slow down your system and compromise its security. Scanning can help ensure that malicious software is not running on your system.

6. Monitor your hardware temperatures: Keeping track of your system temperatures allows you to address potential cooling issues or component failures before they become severe.