What maintenance tasks should I perform to improve performance?

1. Run disk cleanup: This will clear out space on your hard drive, which can improve your computer’s performance.

2. Run virus scans and malware scans: These scans can help to protect your system from viruses and malicious code that can slow down your computer.
3. Check for updates: Software updates can fix errors and inject new functionality into your system, which can improve its performance.
4. Disable unnecessary startup programs: Too many programs running in the background can slow down your computer.
5. Clean up your desktop: Having too many icons and files on your desktop can slow down your system.
6. Uninstall unused programs: Unused applications should be removed from your system to free up space and resources.
7. Defragment your hard drive: This process helps to organize the data on your hard drive, which can improve its speed.
8. Reduce animations and special effects: Turning off these animations and effects can help speed up your computer.