What methods can I use to free up disk space?

1. Delete unused files and programs – To free up disk space, start by deleting any files and programs you no longer use or need. You can usually do this manually in File Explorer or Finder.

2. Uninstall programs – Some programs take up a lot of disk space but may not be used regularly. Consider uninstalling these programs to free up disk space.

3. Move files to another drive – Another way to free up disk space is to move large files to an external drive or cloud storage. This way, they won’t take up space on your main drive.

4. Use disk cleanup tools – Many operating systems have built-in tools to help you free up disk space. Windows has Disk Cleanup and macOS includes the Optimize Storage feature.

5. Enable compression – Some files, such as media files, compress well and don’t lose much quality when compressed. You can use a file compression tool to save space without losing any data.