What new features does Windows 11 offer?

At this time, Microsoft has not released any details on what features Windows 11 may offer. However, we expect that Windows 11 will likely include some of the following features:

1) Improved User Experience: Windows 11 is expected to bring a major overhaul to the user experience by making the interface easier to use and more intuitive. This could include improved navigation, better accessibility options, and new customization features.

2) Cloud-Based Services: Windows 11 is expected to be integrated with Azure and other cloud-based services, making it easier for users to access their documents and data from anywhere.

3) Enhanced Security: With an emphasis on security, Windows 11 is expected to have improved security measures such as multi-factor authentication and built-in malware protection.

4) DirectX 12 Support: Microsoft is expected to add support for the latest version of its graphics API, DirectX 12, in Windows 11. This will make playing games and other multimedia activities smoother than ever before.

5) Improved Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in technology, and Windows 11 is expected to integrate AI into various areas such as personal assistant, search results, and security.