What preventative measures can I take to avoid slowdown?

1. Perform regular maintenance tasks, such as disk defragmentation, on your computer.

2. Utilize an antivirus and anti-malware software to keep your system protected from malicious threats.

3. Keep all software up to date, especially the operating system and installed applications.

4. Delete temporary files and clean up unnecessary programs, programs/files that you don’t use any more.

5. Uninstall unused programs to free up space.

6. Use memory efficiently and close applications that are not in use.

7. Adjust the visual effects settings of your computer to decrease animations and graphics.

8. Add more RAM or a faster hard drive to improve the speed of your machine.

9. Limit the number of start-up programs that run when your computer loads.

10. Reduce the amount of clutter on your desktop by removing shortcuts and organizing files and folders.