What programs should I run to speed up my PC?

1. Clean Up Your Hard Drive: Over time, your hard drive can get cluttered with old files and data, slowing down your PC’s performance. Run a disk cleanup tool to delete temporary files, browser caches, and other unneeded data.

2. Uninstall Unused Programs: Removing programs that you don’t use anymore can improve your PC’s performance and free up disk space.

3. Update Your Operating System: Keeping your operating system up to date is essential for maintaining optimal performance on your PC. Make sure you install all applicable software updates.

4. Install an Antivirus Program: Installing an antivirus program can help protect your PC from viruses and malware, which can slow down your computer’s performance.

5. Disable Startup Programs: Many programs are set to start automatically when you turn on your computer. Disabling these programs can free up memory and CPU resources and improve your overall PC performance.