What settings should I adjust to improve my scanner’s performance?

1. Clean the scanner glass and replace the scan bed if needed to ensure the highest quality scanning results.

2. Adjust the brightness and contrast settings on your scanner to make sure the images being scanned are as clear as possible.

3. Select the appropriate color mode for the type of image being scanned, such as grayscale or RGB.

4. Choose the proper resolution for the document being scanned so that it does not appear blurry or pixelated.

5. Utilize a scan enhancement technology, such as auto-deskewing, to straighten documents that may be crooked or misaligned.

6. Change the default profile settings on your scanner to best suit the type of scanning you do most often.

7. Turn off the scanner’s automatic features, such as auto-correct, if they are causing more issues than they are solving.

8. Make sure the scanner is connected to a reliable power source, as fluctuations in power can result in shaking or distorted images.

9. Enable the “preview” feature on your scanner before initiating a scan in order to double-check that the image quality looks correct.

10. Lower the scanning dpi (dots per inch) if you only need to create a low-resolution version of an image for web use.