What should I do if my PC is running slowly?

1. Close Unnecessary Programs: Check your list of running programs and processes, and close any that are unnecessary.

2. Restore Your System: Restore your system to an earlier point in time to undo recent system changes.
3. Reset Your Browser: Reset your web browser to its default state and see if it improves your computer’s performance.
4. Free Up Disk Space: Delete temporary files, programs you no longer use, and other files taking up space on your hard drive.
5. Update Drivers: Ensure your drivers are up to date in order to maximize their efficiency.
6. Run a Virus Scan: Make sure your computer isn’t being slowed down by malicious software.
7. Change Power Settings: Switching to a more efficient power plan can help speed up your computer.
8. Add More RAM: Adding more RAM will increase the speed of your machine.
9. Clean the Fans: Dust buildup on the fans and other components can decrease performance. Clean the internal components carefully.