What should I do to keep my computer running smoothly?

1. Run a Full Scan of Your Computer – Running a full scan of your computer keeps you safe from viruses and other malicious software that could slow down your system. It also helps to find and remove any invalid or unnecessary files from your system that could cause performance issues.

2. Clean Out Unnecessary Files and Programs – Over time, junk files and unused programs can clog up your system and cause your computer to run slowly. Cleaning out unnecessary files and programs is a great way to get your system running smoothly again.

3. Defrag Your Hard Drive – Fragmentation of your hard drive over time can slow down your computer significantly. Defragging will help to reorganize your data and give your computer a speed boost.

4. Update Software and Drivers Regularly – Making sure your software and drivers are up to date is important for a smooth running computer. Outdated software and drivers can lead to compatibility issues and slow down your computer.

5. Disable Unnecessary Start Up Items – Having too many programs automatically start up when you turn on your computer can drag it down. Disabling unnecessary start-up items can improve your boot up time and free up system resources.

6. Limit Background Applications – Applications that run in the background can take up valuable system resources that could otherwise be used for faster performance. Limiting the amount of applications that are running in the background can help keep your system running smoothly.

7. Use Windows Maintenance Tasks – Windows offers several maintenance tasks that can help keep your system running smoothly. These tasks include disk cleanup, disk defragmenter, system restore, updating windows, and more which can all help to improve performance and reliability.

8. Monitor System Performance – Knowing how your system is performing is important to keep track of. This can help to diagnose any issues or make adjustments to programs and settings in order to get your system running optimally.

9. Use a Discounted Antivirus and System Optimization Software – For a comprehensive solution to keep your computer running smoothly, a discounted antivirus and system optimization software like WinUtilities can be helpful. Not only does it protect your computer from malicious software, but it also includes a wide array of tools to clean up, optimize, and maintain your system.

10. Check for Malware and Spyware – Malware and spyware can sneak onto your system and cause serious issues if left unchecked. Routinely scanning for and removing these types of software help keep your computer running smoothly and protect your data.