What software solutions can I use to enhance my computer’s speed?

1. Disk Cleanup – This is a built-in Windows utility which can help you to delete unnecessary files, folders and browser cache, freeing up disk space which can improve the overall speed of your computer.

2. Malware Scanner – Scanning your computer for malicious software can drastically increase its performance. Malware can slow down your computer and prevent it from performing optimally, running scans can ensure that any malicious software is removed.

3. Uninstall Unneeded Programs – Having too many programs running on your computer can slow it down and using a program like Revo Uninstaller can help you quickly and safely remove applications you no longer need, helping to free up RAM and system resources.

4. System Optimizer – Tuning up your computer with a system optimizer such as Ccleaner or Glary Utilities can help to improve performance, including optimizing the registry, cleaning up temporary files and managing startup items.

5. Add RAM – Another option to increase your computer’s speed is to add more RAM. Adding additional RAM can help your computer run faster and smoother by increasing the amount of memory available for applications.