What software tools can I use to analyze my PC’s performance?

1. Windows Performance Monitor – A powerful tool for analyzing the performance of your Windows computer.

2. System Explorer – A comprehensive system monitoring tool.
3. Resource Monitor – Built into Windows, this app lets you monitor various components from the Task Manager.
4. Process Hacker – A powerful and comprehensive tool for tracking system processes and diagnosing performance issues.
5. VirusTotal – Analyze the impact of viruses, malware, and other threats on your system performance.
6. DirectX Diagnostic Tool – A troubleshooting utility built into Windows that can help identify performance bottlenecks.
7. Task Manager – The Task Manager can provide a quick overview of your PC’s performance.
8. Speccy – A comprehensive hardware information and analysis tool.
9. GPU-Z – A free lightweight utility to identify the type of graphics card in your computer.
10. PCMark 10 – This comprehensive benchmarking tool measures the performance of your computer across different scenarios.