What steps should I take before performing a system tune-up?

1. Update operating system and software: Make sure the operating system is up to date, and that all critical software patches and updates are installed.

2. Scan for malware: Use an updated anti-malware tool to scan for malicious software like spyware, viruses, and worms.

3. Run disk cleanup and defragmenter: Use disk cleanup to delete unnecessary files and folders, and then run disk defragmenter to optimize disk access speeds.

4. Uninstall unused programs: Remove any programs that are no longer in use or needed.

5. Clean up startup items: Disable any unnecessary startup programs to improve boot times and system performance.

6. Adjust power settings: Ensure the system is utilizing maximum power saving settings and settings for peak performance.

7. Check hardware health: Make sure all of the hardware is running correctly and that temperatures and fans are within acceptable levels.

8. Check browser usage: Clean out the browser cache and temporary files, disable unnecessary add-ons/toolbars, and check for any security settings that could be improved.