What tactics can I use to free up disk space on my PC?

1. Delete temporary files – Temporary files can take up a lot of space on your PC, so it’s a good idea to delete them regularly. To delete temporary files, use the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows.

2. Uninstall programs & games you no longer use – If you have installed software or games that you don’t use anymore, uninstall them. Most likely, they are taking up precious disk space.

3. Move large files to an external storage device – If you have large multimedia files such as videos and music that you don’t access very often, move them to an external hard drive or cloud storage. This will free up valuable disk space on your PC.

4. Compact your hard drive – If you’re using an older version of Windows such as Windows XP or Windows 7, you can use the Disk Compression tool to compress files and folders. This will reduce the amount of disk space they take up.

5. Empty the Recycle Bin – The Recycle Bin stores deleted files until they are permanently deleted. Make sure to empty the Recycle Bin regularly so that you can reclaim the disk space occupied by the deleted files.