What techniques can be used to speed up a PC?

1. Clean Up Your Hard Drive: A cluttered hard drive can slow down your PC. To help speed up your computer, make sure to clear up as much space as possible on your hard drive by uninstalling programs and deleting old files that are no longer needed.

2. Connect to a Faster Internet Source: If you’re using a slow internet connection, it could be slowing down your computer’s performance. Consider upgrading to a faster internet source if possible.

3. Update Operating System and Software: Outdated software and operating systems can cause your computer to run slowly. Keep your computer updated by regularly downloading the latest drivers and updates for your software and operating system.

4. Add More RAM: Adding more random access memory (RAM) to your PC can help increase its speed and performance.

5.Defragment Your Hard Drive: Fragmentation occurs when files become split up into multiple parts due to frequent read/write activity. Defragmenting your hard drive will reorganize the data on it and make it easier for the PC to access.

6. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs: Many programs set themselves to open automatically when your PC boots up. This can slow down the boot process significantly. Identify any unnecessary startup programs and disable them to help speed up your computer.