What tips and tricks can I use to get the most out of my computer and speed it up?

1. Uninstall Unneeded Software: The more programs you have installed, the more they will slow your computer down. Take time to uninstall any programs that you don’t regularly use.

2. Regularly Clean Your Computer: Consider wiping your hard drive clean once every year or so. This will help keep your hard drive free of unnecessary clutter and help speed up your computer.

3. Update Your Operating System: Ensure that you are running the most up-to-date version of your operating system for optimal performance.

4. Install an Anti-Virus Program: Make sure to install a reliable anti-virus program to protect your system from threats.

5. Use Browser Extensions to Block Ads and Speed up Page Load Times: Installing browser extensions like AdBlock Plus and FlashBlock can help reduce page load times, as well as improved security by preventing malicious scripts from running.

6. Purchase or Upgrade Your RAM: Adding additional memory or upgrading existing RAM can help improve your computer’s performance.

7. Defragment Your Hard Drive: Defragmenting your hard drive can help speed up your computer by reorganizing fragmented files.

8. Disable Startup Programs: Many programs are automatically set to start when you turn on your computer. This can slow down your computer’s startup time; consider disabling any programs you don’t need right away.

9. Change Your Power Plan Settings: By changing your power plan settings in Windows, you can attempt to optimize your computer’s performance.

10. Clean Your Hard Drive: Remove any files or folders you no longer need. Consider investing in an external hard drive to store data you need to save.