What tips can I use to optimize my system for faster performance?

1. Free up disk space: You can free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files and programs, and uninstalling any applications you don’t use very often or which have become redundant.

2. Disable startup programs: Open the Task Manager (right-click your taskbar and select “Task Manager”) and select the Startup tab. Disabling unnecessary startup programs will help your system to boot faster.

3. Update your drivers: Keeping device drivers updated is another way to ensure your system runs at its peak performance; search for “device manager” using the Start menu to access this feature in Windows 10.

4. Turn off visual effects: Many of the animated visual effects that come with Windows can be disabled in System Properties, under the Advanced tab.

5. Manage programs running in the background: Applications and services that start automatically when your system boots can take up valuable resources, so it’s important to reduce the number of programs running in the background.

6. Scan for malware: Malware can cause your system to slow down, so make sure to use an up-to-date antivirus program to scan your computer regularly.