What tools are available to help me track the value of my cryptocurrency investments?

1. Blockfolio – Blockfolio provides users with a user-friendly portfolio tracking and management tool. The app tracks values, prices and news related to the crypto assets you hold in your portfolio.

2. Delta – Delta is an all-in-one portfolio and portfolio tracking app. It provides updates on prices, market cap and tokens, and portfolio management tools.

3. CoinTracker – CoinTracker helps you track the real-time values of your cryptocurrency portfolio and sync transactions across multiple exchanges.

4. CryptoCompare – CryptoCompare is an online data aggregator, providing information on the prices, trading volume and capitalization of different cryptocurrencies.

5. CoinCap – CoinCap offers a real-time snapshot of the cryptocurrency market, including prices, volumes and market caps of different coins.

6. Coin Market Cap – Coin Market Cap provides a comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency market, with price, volume and market capitalization data for different coins.