What tools can be used to speed up my PC?

1. Disk Cleanup: Removing temporary files, emptying the Recycle Bin, and removing system files taking up space.

2. Disk Defragmenter: Reorganizing fragmented files so they can be accessed quicker.

3. Uninstall unwanted programs: Removing unnecessary applications from the computer that are no longer needed.

4. Update existing software: Making sure all programs are updated with the newest versions for improved performance.

5. Free up RAM: Using the task manager to end running programs that are consuming high amounts of RAM.

6. Malware Scan: Running an antivirus scan to check for any malicious software that may be slowing down the PC.

7. Check startup programs: Reviewing the programs that launch when the computer starts up and disabling any that are not needed.

8. Upgrade hardware: Increasing the amount of RAM or installing a solid state drive to reduce program load times.