What tools or software products will help me speed up my computer?

1. Install a disk cleanup and optimization software – Disk cleanup and optimization software helps to remove temporary files and other files that are taking up extra space on your hard drive. This will help to speed up your computer.

2. Update your operating system – Keeping your operating system up-to-date is important for keeping your machine running smoothly, quickly and securely.

3. Install RAM and memory – Adding more RAM or memory can greatly improve the speed and performance of your computer.

4. Remove unnecessary programs – Uninstalling programs you no longer use frees up space on your computer and can help speed it up.

5. Disable unused services – Some computer services may be running in the background and using up your RAM and processing power unnecessarily. By disabling these services, you can free up resources and speed up your computer.

6. Use an anti-virus/malware software – Viruses and malware can slow down your computer. Installing and regularly updating an anti-virus/malware software program can help protect your computer from malicious attacks and speed it up.

7. Check for startup programs – Many programs load automatically in the background when you start your computer, which can significantly reduce its speed and performance. Identify and disable any unwanted programs from starting automatically.

8. Decrease the amount of time for your system to start – Decreasing the time it takes for your system to start up can help speed up your computer. Check out tutorials online for tips on how to decrease start up times.