What types of software can help free up and clean up RAM?

1. Memory Optimizers: These software programs work to free up and clean up RAM by freeing up memory resources, reclaiming lost memory, and balancing memory usage across applications.

2. System Cleaners: System cleaners are software tools that can help clean up RAM by removing any unnecessary files, temporary Internet files, cookies, cache, and more.

3. Disk Cleanup Tools: Disk cleanup tools are used to clean up RAM by scanning your hard drive for unnecessary files and deleted any old temporary files or programs.

4. Registry Cleaners: Registry cleaners scan your computer’s registry and remove any broken or corrupt entries that can be causing issues with RAM usage.

5. Anti-Malware Software: Anti-malware software helps clean up RAM by scanning for malicious programs, worms, trojans, and other forms of malware that can slow down your system.