Which software should I use to diagnose problems on my computer?

There are several software tools available that can help you diagnose problems on your computer.

1. Microsoft’s Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: This tool helps to test and diagnose memory related issues on Windows systems.

2. Process Monitor: Process Monitor is a free, powerful monitoring tool to see what’s going on in your system. It allows you to monitor all activities on your system.

3. System File Checker: Windows System File Checker (SFC) scans for corruptions in Windows system files and restores them.

4. Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes is a powerful, professional-grade security tool that can scan and remove malicious software from your system.

5. Microsoft Safety Scanner: This free diagnostic tool can detect malware on your computer and remove it quickly.

6. Device Manager: The Device Manager helps you diagnose and troubleshoot issues with hardware devices connected to your computer.

7. Event Viewer: Event Viewer allows you to view details about the events that occur in Windows.

8. Windows Performance Monitor: This tool can be used to monitor system resource usage and detect performance bottlenecks.

9. Disk Defragmenter: Disk Defragmenter helps to defragment hard drives to improve system performance.

10. Windows Startup Repair Tool: The Startup Repair Tool can help diagnose and fix problems that could prevent Windows from starting up properly.