Which tools can I use to clean up my hard drive?

1. Disk Cleanup: This is a built-in tool in Windows that allows you to scan your computer for temporary and unnecessary files that can be deleted to free up disk space.

2. CCleaner: This tool is great for cleaning up both your hard drive and registry. It can help remove any leftover files after uninstalling a program, as well as empty your Recycle Bin.

3. Disk Drill: This is a reliable third-party tool for scanning and deleting duplicate files, as well as detect and repair corrupted data.

4. SpaceSniffer: This is a great tool for providing an easy-to-understand view of the entirety of your hard drive. It can also help to identify which folders are using up the most space.

5. WinDirStat: This is another great third-party tool for visualizing your disk usage. It’s perfect for when you want to quickly locate and delete large files.