Why are my scanned documents coming out blurry?

When scanned documents come out blurry, it is typically due to either a problem with the scanning settings or the quality of the original document. The most common cause is that the scanner resolution settings are too low for the source material being scanned. It is also possible that there is an issue with the scanner itself, such as a damaged or poorly cleaned scanner head. Additionally, documents that are torn, faded, or otherwise in poor condition will not scan well, resulting in a blurry image.

In order to get the best scan results possible, it is important to set the scanner settings properly. For documents, it is generally recommended to use a color mode with at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. This can be adjusted by accessing the scanner settings and selecting the “Document” option. If higher resolution is needed, then select the “Photo” option. It is also recommended to turn off any features like Auto Contrast or Auto Color Corrections, as these can cause the final scan result to appear blurry or distorted.

If the original document is already in poor condition, it is still possible to achieve a better scan result by utilizing software tools. Most scan software programs include features like thresholding, sharpening, noise removal, and other adjustments that can help improve the look of the scanned document. Additionally, many modern scanners come with their own editing software which can be used to further enhance the scan result.

When it comes to producing good-quality scans from a wide variety of sources, it is important to ensure that the scanner settings and source material are in good condition. By ensuring that the proper scanner settings are used and making adjustments to the original document as needed, it is possible to reduce the risks of getting blurry scanned documents.