Why does my computer keep crashing when I launch a game?

There could be several possible causes for a computer crash while launching a game. First, the game may be too large or advanced for the computer’s hardware and software capabilities. If the game requires more RAM, hard drive space, or a more powerful graphics card than the computer has, it may not be able to launch and run the game properly. Additionally, if the game was designed for an earlier version of Windows or an older type of processor, there may be compatibility issues that prevent the game from launching properly.

Another common cause of a computer crash when launching a game is if the computer does not have the necessary drivers installed for the game to run. Many games require specific drivers to access certain hardware components or to take advantage of certain features. Without the correct drivers, the game will not be able to access those components or features, and the computer may crash.

Not having enough free space on the computer’s hard drive can also cause a computer crash when launching a game. When a computer launches a game, it must load files into its memory in order to run the game. If there is not enough free space on the hard drive, the computer may not be able to process the data effectively and may crash.

An outdated version of the game could also be a problem. As games are updated with new patches and features, the game may no longer be compatible with its previous version. If the player does not install the latest patch or update for the game, the computer may crash when launching the game.

In some cases, the computer may crash due to overheating. Running a game can cause the computer’s processors to heat up significantly, and this may cause the computer to shut down in order to prevent damage. Additionally, dust buildup can clog the fans used to cool the system, and this can lead to overheating as well.

Finally, malware and malicious programs can interfere with gaming performance and cause the computer to crash. If a virus, Trojan, or other malicious program is present on the computer, it can interfere with the game’s loading process, rendering the game unplayable and causing the computer to crash. To avoid such an issue, it is important to keep the computer up to date with the latest security patches and anti-virus software.