Why does my scanner make strange noises during operation?

Scanners are electronic devices that optically scan printed images or physical documents and convert them into digital form. Like any other electronic device, scanners may make strange noises during operation. These noises can be caused by a variety of issues, ranging from mechanical problems to electrical problems.

Mechanical Problems

The most common cause of strange noises coming from a scanner is mechanical in nature. This can occur due to several different causes, including wear and tear on the scanning mechanism, a jammed paper feeder, or an issue with the roller or other components. Wear and tear on the scanner mechanism will usually manifest itself as a grinding noise, while a jammed paper feeder may cause a loud clicking noise when the scanner attempts to move the paper through. Additionally, roller or component issues can result in a wide range of strange noises from a scanner. Depending on the severity of the issue, these noises can range from a faint rattling sound to a loud, grating noise.

Electrical Problems

In addition to mechanical problems, electrical problems can cause scanners to make strange noises during operation. Electrical issues are particularly common in older scanners, as their components can become worn over time and cause intermittent contact or unexpected voltage spikes. These issues can present themselves in the form of various high-pitched squeaks, chirps, and other strange noises.

Other Possible Causes

In addition to mechanical and electrical problems, there are a few other possible causes of strange noises coming from a scanner. Loose screws and other hardware components can rattle around inside the scanner and create noise, while dust and debris inside the scanner can cause similar noises. Additionally, some scanners feature cooling fans that are designed to prevent overheating. If these fans become clogged with dust or debris, they may be unable to move air effectively, causing them to make strange noises.


To fix the strange noises coming from a scanner, it is important to determine the exact cause of the issue. If the noises are of mechanical origin, such as a jammed paper feeder or worn components, the issue can usually be fixed by replacing the damaged parts. On the other hand, if the issue is electrical in nature, then it may be necessary to clean or replace the affected components. Additionally, if the issue is related to loose screws, dust, or debris, then thorough cleaning of the scanner should help resolve the issue.