Why isn’t my scanner automatically saving the scanned document?

There could be several reasons why your scanner is not automatically saving the scanned documents. The most likely cause is that your scanner settings may not be properly configured. To configure the scanner’s settings, you-ll need to open up the scanner software and navigate to the save/export section. There, you’ll need to make sure that the option to save the scanned document is checked before you scan it. Additionally, make sure you have specified a folder or directory where the file will be saved.

Another possible issue could be that your device does not have enough memory or disk space to save the scanned document. This can happen if you attempt to scan large documents or an excessive amount of files. You may need to free up some storage or memory space on your computer by deleting files or programs. If your scanner has a memory card slot, you may want to consider investing in an adequate size memory card and inserting it into the scanner.

Lastly, if the problem persists, there is a chance that your scanner may not be functioning correctly. Check the manual or contact customer support to see if they have any advice.