How can I clear out my computer’s memory to speed up its performance?

1. Run disk clean up – This is a built-in Windows utility which can be used to delete temporary files, unused applications and other unwanted elements from your hard drive.

2. Delete unnecessary files and applications – Removing old or unnecessary files and programs will free up space on your hard drive, allowing your computer to run smoother and faster.

3. Defragment your hard drive – When you defragment your hard drive, it rearranges all of your files and puts them in order for easy retrieval, freeing up more memory.

4. Scan for malware – Malware can slow down your computer by running unwanted processes in the background. Run an anti-virus scan to get rid of any malicious software.

5. Adjust your start-up programs – Many programs are set to run at startup, which can slow down your computer. Change your startup settings in the Task Manager to only load the essential programs.

6. Shut down unused programs – Unused programs can take up space in your RAM and unnecessarily run in the background. Close any applications you are not using.