How can I effectively manage startup programs on my PC?

1. Use the Task Manager: The Task Manager is a powerful tool that can be used to manage startup programs. You can access it by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys on your keyboard or right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing the Task Manager option. On the Startup tab, you can view all the programs that run when Windows starts.

2. Use PowerShell: To manage startup programs with PowerShell, you can use the Get-StartupItem cmdlet to list all the currently registered startup items. You can then use the Disable-StartupItem cmdlet to disable a particular program from running at startup.

3. Use third-party tools: There are many third-party tools available which can help you manage startup programs. These tools let you view all the program settings, view their startup impact, and enable or disable them. Some popular options include CCleaner, Autoruns, and Soluto.