How can I remove unnecessary programs from my PC?

There are a few different ways to remove unnecessary programs from your PC.

1. Uninstall Programs Through Control Panel – Go to the Start menu, then Settings and select Control Panel. Find the Programs section, then select Uninstall a Program. Here you will see a list of all installed programs; select the ones you want to get rid of and click on Uninstall.

2. Use a Third-Party Uninstaller – There are a number of free third-party uninstallers available that can make removing programs from your PC easier. Many of them allow you to quickly scan your PC for unwanted programs and can even remove any leftover files or registry entries that may have been left behind.

3. Use Windows 10’s Built-in Uninstaller – In Windows 10, Microsoft added a feature that allows you to quickly uninstall programs directly from the Start menu. Just right-click on the app you want to uninstall and select Uninstall. This will launch the same uninstaller you’d find in the Control Panel.

4. Delete Uninstalled Programs Manually – If you want to remove a program but can’t find an uninstaller, you may need to delete the program manually. Go to the folder where the program is installed and delete the main application folder. Then go to the Windows Registry (regedit.exe) and delete any entries associated with the program.