How do I add more RAM to my PC?

1. Before you upgrade your RAM, check your computer’s user manual or contact the manufacturer to determine which type of RAM is compatible with your computer.

2. Turn off your computer and disconnect all cables connected to it, including the power cord.

3. Find your RAM slots. These are usually located on your motherboard, usually clustered near your CPU.

4. Carefully open the clips on each side of the slot. Do not force them open as this can cause damage.

5. Insert your new RAM module into the slot. It should fit snugly, but don’t force it.

6. Close the clips on each side of the slot carefully, then replace any covers you had to remove.

7. Reconnect all cables and turn on your computer.

8. Check your computer’s BIOS to ensure that it recognizes the new RAM. If it does not, you may need to adjust settings in the BIOS.